Why Nonprofit Crowdsourcing Is a Great “Shot in the Arm” for Engaging Volunteers

Advocacy organizations have embraced the power of the Internet to mobilize people efficiently and are making use of social media and online communities to spread their messages and engage donors and volunteers. An online community is the perfect tool for your nonprofit for crowdsourcing.Read More

3 Strategies Problem Gambling Advocates Can Use in Their Online Community

Problem gambling is an issue that has far reaching consequences for families, friends, and colleagues. You quickly figure out problem gambling is more than just a financial issue -- the stress of this addiction can also fracture relationships, cause people to lose trust with each other, and increase the risk of suicide from those who suffer from this disorder. Fortunately, there are advocacy groups that deal with people who suffer from the effects of problem gambling. Whether you are a counselor, know someone who is dealing with problem gambling or you need help with this issue, use an online community to learn how to get help and advice.Read More

4 Online Community Strategies for Human Rights Advocacy Organizations

From protests in the Middle East to campaigning for marriage equality, technology has revolutionized how advocacy organizations generate awareness for human rights issues. How can you use your online community to make people aware of your organization’s efforts and leverage this into support for your cause? Here are four strategies that you can adapt as a part of your organization’s marketing plan.Read More

4 Loyalty Building Strategies for an Advocacy Organization in an Online Community

When it comes to building an online community for your social advocacy organization, you must have patience to get the results you want. It’s not as easy as creating a Facebook page, asking people for likes and having an instant community spring up in a few days. As a manager, you understand that building an online community takes time. Like any relationship, it’s built on trust between people that is earned over time. Communities are made up of people coming from different backgrounds, education, and experiences. They will have different expectations of what an online community is and why they have joined yours.Read More

Why Advocacy Groups Need Storytelling in Their Online Community

With the emergence of social media and online community software over the last decade, it is more important than ever to keep members of your advocacy organization engaged. Having an audience at your disposal in an online community is a great way to leverage and create awareness about your organization, the cause you’re advocating for, and to increase your fundraising.Read More